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Homeowners who hear animals scurrying inside their homes are often suspicious of a wildlife presence – We are here to confirm that suspicion and tell you why you should be vigilant. Wildlife can cause a great amount of damage in your home if they are not detected and removed on time. Many homeowners who hear noises at night might also discover critter droppings or chewed objects around the house. Although most of the damage caused by wildlife inside a house or attic goes unseen, rodents like squirrels, mice, and rats will chew and nibble on almost anything they come across. These often include electrical wires, pipes, insulation, paper, support beams, etc. which can cause fire hazards, leaks, structural collapse, as well as electrical outages and much more. Some wildlife such as raccoons, bats, opossums, rats, and other birds can spread several diseases that are fatal to humans and pets. Some of these diseases include Histoplasmosis, Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome, Salmonella, or Leptospirosis, just to name a few. Not only can wildlife be a threat to your health and your home, but they are also a major nuisance. They often chew through walls to gain entry into your home, causing other animals to soon follow. When undetected and not treated, one animal can soon grow into a colony which raises a new set of challenges. Raccoons and opossums specifically in an attic are notorious for chewing through duct work. They can leave huge amounts of droppings and urine which are very toxic and smells very unpleasant. The same goes for bats, who normally travel in large numbers. They can leave a large amount of excrement behind and are very difficult to get rid of. Aside from the nuisance and hassle wildlife can cause, the ones that live in your home often die inside your house, causing horrible smells that are harmful to breathe in.

Because different wildlife can have slightly different behaviors, it is important to track the signs and symptoms you are experiencing to identify the right wildlife animal you may be dealing with. If you have a problem with wildlife outside of the house, there will be visible damage. This narrows down the possible animal. It could be a groundhog that has a large dugout next to your house, or possibly a raccoon that is flipping over your garbage cans at night. It might be an opossum stealing pet food and ruffling through trash, or a skunk living under your deck, causing serious odor problems. There are plenty of different scenarios that can be caused by outdoor wildlife, but we know they are most likely not caused by indoor wildlife like bats and mice. Some outdoor wildlife specifically targets gardens and landscaping which can be very annoying. This is when you call us– to help resolve the situation. Or perhaps you are simply terrified of snakes. Whatever your problem, Magic Touch Exterminating and Wildlife Control experts can eliminate the source of the problem and prevent it from ever coming back!

Termite Control

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Rat Control

Rats are a common pest for both homes and businesses. But, due to their size, are much more destructive and aggressive than mice.

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At Magic Touch Exterminating and Wildlife Control, each of our 10+ field technicians servicing the New York City and Long Island area does a complete job, from start to finish. From the moment we receive a call to the moment we leave your sight; we aim to please. We remove nuisance wildlife efficiently, effectively, and most important, humanely. We avoid cutting corners and use the proper tools and traps with accurate techniques for each unique animal and situation. When we suspect animals inside a home, we inspect every inch of it. From the ground level to the roof, spanning across the attic just to identify all the possible areas of entry. We also complete each professional repair with a guarantee to seal every entry hole shut. We do a full inspection in and out of the attic to ensure any damage or biohazard threat is fully taken care of. In addition to that, we also provide full cleaning services including but not limited to attic decontamination, poison-free and permanent rodent control, bat colony exclusion, bird prevention, snake and dead animal removal, odor control, and much more.

Removing wildlife is not an easy task. Each of the field operators in our New York and Long Island areas is thoroughly vetted and receive extensive and on-going training on using proper techniques and tools for removing nuisance wildlife from homes and properties. Most of our experts have more than 5+ years of experience. Due to the complexities and dangers of dealing with wildlife along with the complicated laws for each state, we do not recommend civilians attempting the task alone. There is a considerable amount of education and expertise that goes into removing wildlife correctly. Each animal is different, and each situation is too. Most of our field technicians do not become proficient in their work until they have completed years of fieldwork on hundreds of cases.

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