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Bird Infestation And Removal

Birds, though they typically prefer to be outside, can make themselves unwanted guests inside of your home. Birds such as pigeons are quite used to humans, especially in cities. Birds such as woodpeckers, starlings, or geese can become nuisance animals. Birds may enter your house accidentally, where damage can occur to both the bird and the home.

Problems Associated With Birds

Pigeons, in particular, are known to make your home theirs as well. Typically they don’t enter the inside of your room but will roost in areas such as roofs and open-aired buildings. Pigeons will poop on the building, potentially spreading disease and creating a less-than-appealing look. Fortunately, pigeons can be deterred via physical deterrents such as:

  • Bird spikes: pieces of plastic or metal that stick straight up making it uncomfortable for the pigeon.
  • Shock tracks: similar to bird spikes, but using electricity to provide a small shock to landing birds.

Birds such as woodpeckers can cause damage to the outside of the house as they peck through wood to search for bugs. They also peck on gutters, which creates a loud noise. This noise can be startling and irritating but damages neither the house nor the bird. Woodpeckers typically don’t make their nests on houses, and to scare them away it is as simple as hanging shiny and reflective items near where the bird was pecking. If a bird comes into your house and can’t get out, open doors and windows. A bird will typically get out on its own. However, a bird living in your house is a different story.

Birds in the attic

If pigeons make it into your attic, it behooves the owner to remove them as soon as you can. If a pigeon is in your attic, it almost always means that there are babies in the nest as well. If there are baby pigeons in the attic, the nest and the babies will be removed by hand. Once the babies are safely removed, a one-way exclusion trap will be placed in the exit/entrance holes, effectively removing the birds from the attic. This ensures that the adults and babies can be reunited, and the birds won’t experience the stress of being trapped and removed. Once the birds are removed, the cleanup process can begin. All trapping methods will follow the regulations of the state of New York, with regulations being determined by the type of bird. Traps will be used depending on the situation, and only traps that are humane and safe will be used. We ensure that the birds will be safely removed without harm being done to them.

To trap a bird, the process is fairly simple:

  • We first determine if trapping is necessary at all.
  • From there, we double-check the regulations to determine what baits and traps we are allowed to use.
  • Next, we choose the trap according to the situation.
  • We then bait the trap, refraining from using meat-based baits as they can attract stray cats.
  • We always check on the trap and, when the bird is caught, handle it accordingly.

The Clean-Up Process

The clean-up process involves cleaning up the nest remnants, feces, feathers, and other materials of the infestation. Entrance holes will be repaired to prevent future infestations. Any damage done to the home due to the infestation will also be repaired. The area will be cleaned thoroughly, assuring that disease cannot be spread and any odor won’t linger.

bird trapping

How to Keep Pigeons Out Of The Roof

Pigeons are known for being boisterous, but they can also cause a lot of filth and costly damage to your roof tiles. Also, their feces can carry diseases and attract vermin like flies and rodents to your property, creating even another issue. A line of pigeons on your roof is unsightly, even if you care about animals and want to be compassionate; the issues that come with pigeons on your roof can be too much to handle. 

So, to get rid of pigeons on your roof, follow the steps below:

Remove all common attractants

One of the most effective methods for keeping pigeons by making them uninterested in being around your property in the first place. Remove any stagnant water that could be used for drinking purposes. Also make sure that all trash is covered and out of reach to avoid any unwanted snacking. When dealing with pigeons, bird feeders will always be an issue, but you can buy designs with narrow openings that only allow songbirds to enter. If you have a vegetable garden,  you should use netting to keep birds away from your tomatoes.

Use scare owls

Scaring pigeons away is another simple approach to keep them away, and this may be done in a number of ways. You can install scare crows or put wind chimes or reflective tape on the roof. Large imitation owls or similar products that act as a scarecrow for pigeons can also be purchased. This method may work at first, but it’s usually not effective as a long-term technique because the pigeons will eventually find out that the owls are fake. 

Install spikes and netting

If fear tactics fail to succeed, then you certainly have to consider more serious measures. Spikes and netting are strategies that will almost probably succeed, but they will demand a significant amount of effort from you. Anti-perching metal spikes are our top recommendation. Bird spikes are most commonly found on commercial roofs, but you can have them installed on your roof. They may be unattractive, but they certainly keep pigeons away. 

Bird netting installed along sheds, eaves, and rafters can keep pigeons away from your garden and safeguard your outbuildings. Some gardeners also use bird netting to cover raised beds or crops they want to protect.

Bird netting is hung vertically along the siding of a structure to keep birds from perching on the roof or surface. Netting creates a physical barrier that keeps birds off your balcony. It shuts off the area from future pigeon infestation and is usually strung from the roof down to the edges of the balcony.


Sticky gels, which are available at many retail places and online, are another option. The gel is applied on your roof, making it difficult for pigeons to roost there. And lastly, pigeons will find it difficult to perch if you place screens, netting, or chicken wire over their favorite spots.

Use pigeon-proof feeders

Pest birds such as pigeons may be attracted to bird feeders in your garden. Invest in pigeon-proof bird feeders, which include a cage surrounding the feeder that allows small birds to get through but pigeons and bigger birds will be unable to access the feed. There are also weight-sensitive feeders that you can use to ensure that pest birds like pigeons and starlings are not allowed to feed.

Need help with pigeons?

Pigeons are definitely pests with lots of trouble, and our experts at Magic Touch Exterminating and Wildlife Control are delighted to help you get rid of them for good. If these obnoxious birds are testing your patience, call us to deal with them right away. We’d be pleased to help with your pigeon issues and will get rid of them quickly.

General Information

Because there are regulations involving different types of birds, the inspection is a crucial step. Call Magic Touch Extermination and Wildlife Control with the details involving the issue. If you don’t know the type of bird that is in your home, our employees who conduct the inspection will identify them for you. A ball-park price range will be given, but the specific price depends on the type of bird and details of the infestation. All aspects of the removal are done with care, and we always put the safety of the animal as our priority.
Pigeons thrive in urban environments and are identifiable by their short necks and bulky bodies. Their nests are naturally very light and are damaged easily, hence why they will come indoors when they have babies. Pigeons can spread a disease known as ‘parrot fever’, which can lead to pneumonia. Pigeons are not quiet and squawking is quite common, which can become irritating and lead to a lack of sleep.
Overall, birds are a pest that can usually be deterred before they need to be trapped. Fortunately, we are equipped to handle both situations.

If you live in New York City or the Long Island area and need extermination or wildlife services, call Magic Touch Extermination and Wildlife Control today!

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