Understanding Wildlife Control

Animals make for a lovely sight when taking a walk in the park, but not such a lovely sight when they’re inside your house. Wildlife coming into your house can be a daunting issue to have on your hands. Luckily, Magic Touch Extermination and Wildlife Control can take that issue off of your hands. We are professionals at handling wildlife. Through a variety of methods, catered to fit your needs, we’ll remove the unwanted guest and repair your home or business, ensuring that the animal doesn’t make an unexpected return. If you live in New York City or Long Island, give us a call today!


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Why You Shouldn’t Handle Wildlife Yourself

Animals, when backed into a corner, are likely to strike out at you and attack, potentially harming you and the animal. Wildlife will be highly aggressive when trapped. To avoid injury to you or the animal, it’s best to leave it to the professionals. Not only is it dangerous, but there are many rules and regulations when it comes to trapping and removing wildlife. Violating these laws, even unknowingly, can carry with them hefty penalties. Even then, not knowing how to properly handle wildlife or using the wrong equipment can stress and injure an animal. We here at Magic Touch Extermination and Wildlife Control ensure that all our methods are humane and safe.

How We Remove Wildlife


After receiving your phone call and getting an understanding of the situation, we will dispatch a team of workers to inspect your house. This is where we will give a more accurate price range, gain an understanding of your home, and determine how we plan to move forward. We will find where the animal is living, see if it has babies with it, and see how it got into your home to begin with. We will then see if it’s necessary to trap the animal, or if we are able to remove it by other methods.

Trapping and removal

If we find it necessary to trap the animal, we will start by determining what trap will be best to use. We use only humane traps, ensuring that the animal will be safe and secure in the trap with no chance of being harmed. The decision will follow all regulations, ensuring that there will be no further headaches for you. We will then place the trap in a location that is flat, sturdy, and highly traveled on. Once the animal is trapped, we will transport it to a pre-determined location and release it. The entry-hole that is used will be sealed, ensuring that this houseguest will not come to visit again.

If there are babies present

If babies are present in the location, the first thing we will do is safely remove them by hand. This ensures that the babies are not harmed in a trap, and we can provide any medical services they may need. Once the babies are safely removed, we will then go about removing the parent. No matter what, all families will be returned together. We do not separate babies from their mothers. Once the family is removed, we will determine if it is safe to release them at a pre-determined location. The entry-hole used will be sealed and the location they stayed in will be thoroughly cleaned.

Clean up and repair

After safely removing all animals from the house, we will begin cleaning up and repairing the location in which they were found. This includes vacuuming feces, urine, and nesting materials. Damage done to wood, drywall, and electrical wires will be repaired. Entry and exit holes will be sealed, preventing future re-infestations. We spray down the location, ensuring that any lingering pathogens are killed. We ensure the safety of you and your family.

General Information

Above is just a brief description of what we do. For more information give us a call. Our methods will be explained further over the phone, and the methods that will be put into place will be explained during the inspection. We pride ourselves in our ability to keep all parties safe, and always use humane methods of removal. We take care not to harm the animal.
New York has notably bitter winters, winters which drive animals inside our homes to seek warmth. During winter months it is common for wild animals to come into your homes and make their nests there. In spring, animals searching for safe locations to raise their babies might make a home in yours because of the safety it provides. If you have a food source nearby, such as a garden, or have a pest problem, animals are more likely to stick around.
Animals should not be handled by people unless they are trained professionals. Animals who are in your home shouldn’t be killed- that’s the worst-case scenario solution. We always ensure that animals are taken care of and are healthy enough to be returned to the wild. If we find a dead animal in your home it will be properly taken care of. Animals who have died can carry a variety of diseases. We always ensure to clean locations with animals thoroughly, making sure that there is no chance of disease spreading.

If you live in New York City or the Long Island area and need extermination or wildlife services, call Magic Touch Extermination and Wildlife Control today!

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