Squirrel Infestation And Removal

Squirrels, as cute as they may look, can be a costly and damaging pest. Squirrels make their nests by pulling apart insulation, drywall, and other materials that will aid in building their nest. Thus, they can be quite a destructive pest. They’re difficult to remove due to their speed and agility and generally are best left to be removed by professionals. If you live in New York City or the Long Island area, give Magic Touch Extermination and Wildlife Control a call!


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Why Squirrels Need To Be Removed

Squirrels are common in urban areas, and you’ve certainly seen them crawling around trees in your neighborhood. But, despite how common they are, they can make their way into your home! They love to be in attics and, unfortunately, this can be quite a damaging issue. Though they can be easier to trap than other wildlife, the technique needs to be perfect. Fortunately, we are experts at removing them safely and effectively. We ensure that the removal is done quickly and humanely, making sure that the squirrel remains safe throughout the process.

The removal process

The removal process begins with locating the squirrel, determining where it is and whether or not it has babies with it. Once we determine the location, we will also see how much damage has been caused. Typically, we notice that squirrels cause:

  • Damage to the attic structure by chewing on the wood, pulling parts of it away to make its nest.
  • Chewed wires, which is a fire hazard.
  • Living in the chimney and subsequent damage to it.
  • Stealing vegetables from your garden, rotted vegetables near the home.
  • Potential for spread of disease, odor, and other health issues.

If this is noticed, we will repair the damage done by the squirrels. If babies are present, we determine the age and whether or not they will be able to run out of the location. If they are not able to, they will be removed by hand and brought to a safe location. We typically use one-way exclusion doors to remove the squirrels from the location.

The repair process

After the squirrel is removed safely, we repair the hole that the squirrel used to enter your home. Any other damage done to the location will be repaired. This is, again, most commonly done in the attic. We will clean the location if necessary, removing feces, urine, and the remnants of the squirrel’s nest. We then decontaminate the location of the squirrels home, ensuring that any pathogens present are killed.

The Damage that Squirrels Do to Your Property

Squirrels are a skittish bunch, preferring to steer clear of humans and other predators. However, it is not uncommon for them to find their way into your home and when they do, they can create a huge problem.

NY Wildlife Control is experts in their field, using humane methods of removing squirrels from in and around your home. Most people are familiar with typical squirrel activity in yards and trees, but what can they do to your home? 

Structural Damages

Similar to other rodents, like rats and mice, squirrels are known to chew through wires, wood, and pipes. They do whatever they need to survive, even if it causes damage to your house.

Chewed electrical wires are an unfortunately common occurrence by all rodents, potentially causing house fires and electrical shortages. Luckily, squirrels can be very noisy so you will most likely hear them running through your walls or attic. If you do, call a professional to safely remove them. 

Any wood, including floors, doors, and parts of your home’s basic structure may be targeted, too. Squirrels chew through wood, weakening it, and leave a trail of waste in their wake. Weakened wood can lead to major and expensive structural repairs.

Pipes are also a common area in need of repair as a result of squirrels chewing or scratching through the material, causing substantial leaks. If not addressed quickly, leaks can spread and require major renovations to fix.

Typically, homeowner’s insurance will cover repairs to major structural areas, like foundations and roofs, but this is not always the case. Luckily, many minor damages can be repaired by wildlife experts when they address the problem, like patching holes and access points.

Personal Damages

In the search for sustenance, squirrels may go rampant in your kitchen and contaminate much of your food. They also spread disease, feces, and urine throughout your home.

While they may prefer to invade an attic, away from people, sometimes squirrels can get stuck in your living spaces and become panicked as they search for an escape. They may tear into furniture, chew or rip books and paper, and ruin clothes. It is difficult to put a price on replacing sentimental items destroyed by squirrels.

Beware, not all homeowner’s insurance policies cover damage to personal items caused by squirrels or other wild animals, so do not hesitate to call in an expert to swiftly remove the source of the problem.

Additionally, squirrels can wreak havoc on lawns and gardens, shredding through flower beds and digging holes in your grass. Fruits and vegetables are especially tempting to these critters but can ruin your hard work and beautiful garden beds.


NY Wildlife Control offers humane, natural solutions to all squirrel problems. Whether inside or outside of your home, structural or otherwise, there are quick and painless methods available.

Humane traps are used to capture and relocate squirrels to a safer and less destructive natural area. Creating an area that is less attractive to future squirrel invaders is a key part of prevention methods.

Once a squirrel is safely relocated, away from your home, wildlife experts can get to work cleaning and repairing the damages left behind. Any waste is sanitarily removed to prevent the spread of disease to you and your family.

Squirrel damages frequently require repairs to holes that were used to access your house. Often these areas are located around crawlspace entries, in attics, or chimneys.

Call NY Wildlife Control today at (646) 935-9889 to receive an obligation-free quote for squirrel removal.

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How To Remove Squirrels From the Attic

Because of how common they are, squirrels may not seem like a member of wildlife that needs to be removed from your yard, but like many other animals you may discover in your area, they can cause serious damage to your home or space. Not to mention, also like many other members of wildlife, they can carry dangerous bacteria and diseases that could be spread to the family and friends occupying the home. Here is a great resource at squirrelattic.com to learn more about how squirrels can invade your attic and how to remove them.

Seeing one or two squirrels in your yard may not be cause for immediate concern, but consistently seeing many of them in your yard or area may eventually lead to a home invasion. It may be best to move forward and prevent any further squirrels from coming onto your space by trimming your trees or changing your birdseed. Trimming any trees that overhang your house can be helpful in preventing squirrels from reaching the inside of your house. Certain birdseed can also attract and be enjoyable for squirrels, so switching that out can be helpful in prevention as well. You can install motion-sensor sprinklers in your house and even purchase a plastic owl to place on your fence or in your yard somewhere to deter them from the space.

If you are hearing scurrying and scratching in your home or attic, it may be too late for these prevention methods. Those methods are perfect to implement after the animals are removed from your attic, but for now, if you hear squirrels INSIDE of your home, removing those is now the priority.

Squirrels likely made their way into your attic through small openings, cracks, or weaknesses in your walls or roof. You will know that they are present when you hear scurrying or scratching in the attic, water damage to your walls or ceilings, and strong, foul odors coming from the space. You will also likely see teeth marks from chewing or footprints in dusty or dirty areas.

The first step in removing squirrels from your attic is finding their exact location. You need to know where their nest currently is to be able to efficiently and thoroughly remove them from the space. You also need to know how they made their way into space. Knowing how they got in and what entry and exit points they use are crucial to removal. 

All the entry and exit points except for one will need to be filled, covered, or repaired in order to properly remove all of the squirrels and keep any from being able to make their way back in during the removal. The entry/exit point that was left open should be easily accessible and a space that the squirrels frequently use to move in and out of the space. This hole needs to be covered with a one-way trap door. This door is useful because the squirrels will need to exit the space at some point. Whether they are going out for food or nesting materials, they will need to leave the area to gather what they need. If the trap door is placed on the only current entry point, they will not be able to return. The trap door lets them out, but not in.

Depending on your state’s laws regarding entrapment and relocation, once they are out of the door they can be removed and relocated to another area at least five miles from the space. A professional will be able to guide you on what your state’s laws are regarding animal trapping and relocation.

If you have discovered squirrels in your home or space and would like a professional’s guidance or assistance throughout the removal process, you can give NY Wildlife Control a call. We have the experience and expertise to remove the animals and keep them away for good.

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How To Remove Squirrels From the Chimney

Squirrels are one of the most common types of wild animal intruders across properties all over the United States. And while they may appear cute at first, squirrels can cause just as much damage as any other type of predator. This is why you’ll want to take the appropriate steps and have the squirrels removed as quickly as possible if you discover any on your property.

Expert Advice: Your pet, often your dog, may be tempted to chase the squirrel, but this can cause your pet to become injured, and possibly even infected with the disease. So if you do have wild animals on your property, we suggest that you keep your pets indoors, until the wild animal has been safely removed.

That being said, let’s talk a bit about what you can do if you discover you’ve got squirrels living in your chimney.

First of all, what are squirrels doing in your chimney?

Well, squirrels are known for their skills as climbers, which is how they often end up on roofs. And from there, if your chimney isn’t covered, it’s a quick way down your chimney which often makes for excellent nesting ground, as it’s isolated and offers some safety.

What are the dangers of having squirrels in your chimney?

The main danger of a squirrel nesting in your chimney is that, come autumn, the squirrel itself, as well as the materials used for building the nest become a serious fire hazard. When you light a fire in your fireplace, these can easily catch fire, putting your property, as well as you and your family at serious risk. This is why you want to remove squirrels as soon as possible.

So How do you remove squirrels from your chimney?

You can help them escape.

A popular method involves hanging a length of thick rope from the top of your chimney. This gives the squirrel an easy and quick way to escape. 

Try scaring it with noise.

Squirrels are also prone to fleeing if there are loud noises around. A good way to dislodge wild animals from inside your chimney is to cause intense noise, using speakers, a radio, or even hitting pots and pans together near the mouth of the fireplace.

Trap them.

We strongly recommend using humane live traps, which are the same as normal traps, but without the killing. You can set a trap, baited with peanut butter, for example, either along the roof, or down by the mouth of the fireplace, to attract the squirrel. Once the animal is safely secured inside, use the trap to relocate it to an area where it won’t bother you (or anyone else).

Call a professional.

If other methods fail, there’s always the possibility of calling a wildlife removal professional, like Magic Touch Exterminating and Wildlife Control. Not only will they trap and remove the squirrel itself, but they will also inspect your chimney and roof, and figure out what’s wrong. They will then advise you on future prevention, and help you eliminate possible attraction points, to deter wildlife from approaching. 

Some professionals might even help fix the damage caused by the intrusive squirrel, so it might be worth giving them a call.

What to do next…

Trapping and removing the bothersome squirrel is only the first step in squirrel-proofing your home. It’s important that once your chimney has been cleared, you install a chimney cap. This will prevent wild animals from getting in, as well as protect the insides of your chimney against rain or other types of weather damage, so make sure you cover up!

General Information

Squirrels will typically make their homes inside of your attic. The process illustrated above largely describes the removal process for attics. Pricing and the process will change according to the location. Any queries about the price can be answered over the phone, where we give a ball-park price range. Generally, removal ranges from $200-400. Squirrels located outside of your home can be removed for less. We take safety seriously, ensuring that the animal is not harmed during the removal process. A more specific price will be given during the inspection. Squirrel families will not be separated. The process is done expertly, and we ensure that any questions you have regarding the process are answered in-depth.
All questions about the process will be answered on-site by our expert staff. We give clear, honest, and expert answers. You are our priority, and we make sure that we have permission before anything is done.

If you live in New York City or the Long Island area and need extermination or wildlife services, call Magic Touch Extermination and Wildlife Control today!

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