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Why Raccoons Need To Be Removed

Raccoons, though they look cuddly, are in reality very feisty animals. Raccoons, because they’ve been around humans for so long, have largely lost their fear of us. Therefore, raccoons won’t be afraid to get close to you. This increases your risk of being attacked and creates a potential for the spread of disease. Not only do scratches and bites spread disease, but so too does feces and urine. Raccoons can also break the bank in terms of the damage they do to your home, creating further issues. Raccoons have been known to tear holes in ceilings, walls, and even air ducts. They’re also known to chew through wires, creating a major fire hazard. Once a raccoon creates a den in your home, they will start a family. This makes the raccoons even more aggressive.

How We Handle The Issue:

Finding their home

Raccoons need to be located before we’re able to go forward with the issue. During the inspection, we will find the precise location of the raccoon and determine the safest way to go forward. More often than not, raccoons make their homes in attics. Once we figure out where the raccoon lives, we will determine the situation. If the raccoon has already given birth, we will remove the litter by hand and take them to a safe location where they can be cared for.

Removal process

As stated above, the removal process begins with the removal of the litter, if present. This process is done carefully so as to not harm the babies. They will then be placed into a sack and, from there, will be taken out of the location. If we are able to, we will use a method of removal that does not involve a trap. If we must, we will carefully choose the type of trap to use, ensuring the safety of the raccoon above all else. Using a trap divider, we will place the babies on one side in order to lure the female into the cage. Once the family is safely caught, they will be removed to a pre-determined safe location. To learn more about raccoon removal check out the website

Cleaning process

Once the family is safely removed and away from the home, we will begin the cleaning process. This starts with vacuuming the feces and any other scraps left from the raccoon den. We will also repair the entrance that the raccoons created so as to ensure that they don’t return. We will spray down the area, killing any germs or parasites leftover from the raccoons. This a meticulous process and we ensure that no disease can be spread throughout the building.

Damages Raccoons Can Do To Your Home

Raccoons may be adorable masked creatures, but the damages they can cause are nothing to joke about. Baby raccoons have recently become popular for their cute appearances and deceivingly shy demeanors, but fully grown raccoons are not at all friendly. Raccoons are one of the leading culprits of animal damage to homes, so you should know what they are capable of in order to take sufficient preventative measures. Never underestimate the damage they can cause, and protect your home from thousands of dollars worth of repairs.

If you know that you already have a raccoon in or around your home, trust the experts at NY Wildlife Control to professionally and quickly handle the situation.

Physical Damages

Raccoons are infamous for their tendency to scavenge through trash, but they can also do a number on other items and parts of your home. A few areas in particular which raccoons like to inhabit are under patios and in basements or attics. These furry bandits will go to extreme lengths to create a small, dark space in which to live, even if it means tearing through your roof’s shingles or ripping through your air ducts.  Removed shingles are very common from raccoons trying to enter your attic and can be expensive to repair, especially if the entire roof needs replacing. They also may dislodge gutters, loose chimney bricks, or siding. Window and door screens may be torn through or entirely displaced. Damages to air vents and insulation are also frequently seen as a result of raccoon inhabitation, and they need replacing when they leave behind waste and urine. Wildlife experts have the experience to advise and make repairs to these damages. 

Additionally, holes made in siding, walls, windows, roofs, and more may need to be patched. An expert can determine if there are any weak spots around your home that you should fortify to prevent raccoons from entering.

raccoon removal

Health Hazards

Raccoons carry and spread all manner of diseases. They are not docile animals and are prone to attacking humans when they feel threatened, even if you think you are being careful. Their scratches and bites are dangerous, so never approach a raccoon.

Feces and urine left in the home can also be a cause for alarm. Breathing these particles in the air is hazardous to your health. Their waste may penetrate wood, insulation, and other areas of the home, posing a threat to your and your family’s wellbeing. 

Ticks, worms, and fleas can also invade your home and your pets as a result of a raccoon’s presence on your property. Keep a close eye on any household pets for scratches or bites and contact a vet about treatment if necessary. 


Because raccoons are not as small as other household pests, you may notice them fairly soon after they arrive on your property. Taking adequate steps to stop them from making a family (which will only make them more aggressive) is very important. One raccoon is easier to remove than a mother with her babies. 

Kill traps are never used to capture raccoons, and natural methods are practiced to deter them from living in your spaces. Light, noise, and smell are all safe ways to repel raccoons.

NY Wildlife Control takes every measure to humanely remove raccoons from your property. No shortcuts are taken that might jeopardize the safety of the animal(s) or anyone involved in the removal process. Experts will also ensure the cleanup and sanitation of all necessary areas.

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Other Information

Above is just a short description of what our services entail. We take the utmost care to ensure that the process is done safely for both the animal and the handlers. We ensure that all droppings, hair, oil, and damage from the raccoon infestation are properly taken care of. Any questions or concerns you have about the removal process or how we plan on doing will be answered honestly and professionally, ensuring that you have a complete understanding as to what it is that we’re doing. We pride ourselves on our ability to communicate effectively and ensure that you’re part of the whole process.
If the raccoon is located in a different location, we ensure that you understand the process of removal. If you have questions concerning the cost, be sure to call us and we can give you a ball-park estimate as far as the price goes, but the price will be determined after the inspection of your home. The price is determined by the location, but it generally ranges from $200-400. If the raccoons are not inside your home, the cost will be lower. If we determine that the raccoon must be removed by a trap, we take all precautions necessary to make the removal safe. Both the adult raccoons and the litter will be removed together, the families will not be separated. All methods are humane, and the safety of all parties is our priority.

If you live in New York City or the Long Island area and need extermination or wildlife services, call Magic Touch Extermination and Wildlife Control today!

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