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Cockroaches are a common infestation- and one of the most stubborn. Cockroaches breed quickly, can develop a resistance to pesticides, and hide in obscure locations. Cockroaches oftentimes carry E. Coli and Salmonella, so it’s not a safe decision to ignore these pests. Removing them is best left to a professional due to the stubborn nature of these pests. Magic Touch Extermination and Wildlife Control is more than happy to do it for you, so, if you live in New York City or the Long Island Area, give us a call!

Determining Infestation

To determine if you have an infestation, it’s crucial to know a few things. Cockroaches are nocturnal and prefer to live in cool, damp, and dark areas. They are able to flatten their bodies, which enables them to fit under narrow spaces. If you notice a musty, oily smell and see the bodies of dead cockroaches, you might have a serious infestation. Cockroaches, though associated with uncleanliness, can actually come into a house in multiple ways. They can fly in when attracted to light, come in through the plumbing, or just crawl in the house through a crack under the door or in the wall. They are commonly found in spaces such as under the sink, behind the fridge, behind wallpaper, or even under mats. Large cockroaches leave cylindrical droppings, while small cockroaches leave droppings that resemble ground pepper. If you see cockroaches during the day, this most likely means they were forced out of their nest due to over-crowding. If you see any cockroaches during the day, immediately call an exterminator.

How we treat an infestation

We start out by sending a crew to inspect your house. They will first inspect every area that a cockroach might live in, and layout how the cockroaches move. Once that is figured out, the expulsion process can begin. It should be noted that this isn’t a one-time treatment, but instead a treatment that should be constantly monitored. Once the treatment begins, we’ll come back periodically to check on the infestation and ensure that the treatment is working. Cockroaches are extremely difficult to get rid of due to their resilience.

Preventing Re-infestation

Once the treatment is finished, it’s important to remember how to prevent re-infestation. Cockroaches can come into your house through a variety of methods and, if it was discovered they crawled in through a sewer pipe or crawled in through a crack, the problem should be addressed. Cockroaches prefer moist, warm, and dark environments. Creating a less than ideal environment for cockroaches will aid in preventing a re-infestation. During treatment, you will be given all the information you need on how to prevent a re-infestation from occurring, along with periodic visits from us.

If you live in New York City or the Long Island area and need extermination or wildlife services, call Magic Touch Extermination and Wildlife Control today!

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